What is Telephone Marketing?

Incoming calls:

The first axis of telephone marketing is the set of communication actions carried out by telephone , in outgoing calls. These actions are mainly carried out in call centers .

Telephone marketing, via outgoing calls, is used to:

  1. Qualify the customer
  1. Make an appointment
  1. Sell a new product or service

Outgoing Calls:

The second axis of telephone marketing is the processing of incoming calls . This activity, mainly carried out in contact centers , aims to:

  1. To inform the client
  1. To handle complaints
  1. To build customer loyalty

Benefits of this marketing:

Using telephone marketing is a wise choice, as it multiplies by ten the spin-offs of a campaign compared to a mailing, sending mail, or an e-mailing, sending e-mail.

How to succeed in your phone marketing?

To maximize the business benefits of a telephone marketing mission, you must:

  1. A good team for telesales
  1. A powerful telephone argument
  1. A  suitable working environment

Telemarketing, and therefore telephone marketing, is an activity in itself that must be left to professionals.

Companies wishing to include telephone marketing in their business can contact:

  • A call center
  • A contact center
  • A telemarketing company
  • A direct marketing agency

Telephone survey?


A survey is a survey of a sample of the population. The people surveyed are not chosen by chance, they symbolize what is commonly called a representative sample .

The study is conducted in the form of open questions and allows to collect a maximum of information on:

  • A product
  • A service
  • A subject
  • Event
  • Advertising campaign

Steps of a telephone survey:.

Define needs

Conducting a telephone survey without knowing the objective reduces the quality of the survey. With knowledge of the objectives, the telephone survey questions can be oriented or reformulated to obtain a more precise answer and a better use of the results.

Know the question:

It is important for those conducting the telephone survey to be familiar with the questionnaire, which will be their main working tool. A good knowledge of the questionnaire makes it possible to better organize one’s work and there, too, to optimize the results of the telephone survey.

Address the question to the right people:

Whether for private individuals, businesses or existing customers, to pass a telephone survey, it is imperative to address it. Samples of selected individuals or companies should be representative .

Thus, the answers will be more numerous and above all more realistic.

Analyze the results intelligently:

The analysis of results is not limited to counting and graphing. The results of a telephone survey must be interpreted. A successful telephone survey brings a real answer