Twelve Ways to Reduce Hypertension

Some consider hypertension as the disease of the century. This phenomenon affects as many as 60 million North Americans and could become, from 2020, the leading cause of death on the planet. However, it is possible to reduce your blood pressure with simple actions, beneficial to your health.


1. The Fat

By changing your diet, you can lower your blood pressure. Limit the consumption of red meats, sugar and foods rich in animal fats. Opt instead for a diet based on fruits and vegetables, white meats, fish, whole grains and nuts. You will get permanent results.

2. The Salt

Limit daily salt intake. This condiment promotes hypertension. Do not put a salt shaker on the table, but also know that salt is present in many foods, including canned foods, several cheeses, mustard and cookies, among others. Check the labeling of the products you consume. You will find information on the salt content of the foods you like.

3. Potassium

Bananas, broccoli, asparagus, spinach and legumes are rich in potassium. Think about it when you go to the market.


4. Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure is unstable. Your daily activities, emotional state and environment can change your blood pressure. By using a quality blood pressure monitor, you will be able to determine the times of the day when it is highest.

5. Exercises

Get moving! Walk at least thirty minutes a day. Ride a bike or swim a few times a week. Physical exercise helps to relax the blood vessels. Your blood pressure will drop significantly and you will be able to reduce your medication.

6. Coffee and Tea

Moderate your coffee and tea consumption. Some studies prove it, others contradict this statement. So be careful and limit your coffee and tea consumption to two cups daily. You will only do better.

Bad habits

7. Tobacco

Quitting smoking will also help you lower your blood pressure. From your first puff, your blood vessels contract. Your pressure is increasing. This phenomenon continues for several tens of minutes after turning off your butt. If you have high blood pressure, smoking cessation is an important step in improving your fitness and health.

8. Alcohol

At the same time, you will need to reduce your consumption of alcoholic beverages. Certainly, one to two glasses a day for women and three drinks for men have a beneficial effect on the heart and arteries. However, if you consume more, your blood pressure will increase. In addition, alcohol interferes with medications prescribed to relieve hypertension.

9. Sleep

A sleeping woman with her arms stretched slightly out in front of her.

The human body needs sleep to function well. Cutting down your nights repeatedly because of work or drinking at night can increase your blood pressure. Although needs vary from one person to another, and from one period of life to another, every human being needs seven to eight hours of sleep a day. In addition, you will rest your body and be more alert for work or leisure.

10. Weight

Control your weight. Every kilogram less reduces the risk of blood pressure and, in turn, the medication needed to limit hypertension. Three or four kilos can make a difference. Obese people will have to make an extra effort to achieve a healthy weight.

11. Stress

Reduce stress Each element of stress affects your blood pressure. Take the time to live. Limit, as much as possible, external aggressions that may increase your blood pressure. Certainly, you will need to make efforts to limit the impacts of stress on your life, but the game is worth the effort.

12. If your high blood pressure requires medication, take your medications regularly.

If not, irregular drug intake will result in an increased risk of having a stroke or having to deal with heart problems sooner or later. It’s up to you to discipline yourself.

You are better equipped to fight high blood pressure. Now it’s up to you to avoid this health problem, which is more common among people 50 and over