Lay the triangle on the table

Place the ball bearing No. 1 (usually yellow) in the upper point of the triangle;

Place ball # 8 (which is black) in the center of the triangle;

Place a solid ball on one of the lower corners of the triangle and a striped ball on the other corner;

Fill the rest of the triangle with the other balls, randomly;

Finish by raising the triangle, being careful not to disturb the bunch of balls.

The game of the 8 is played with 15 balls and consists of pocketing all the balls in his group, ending with the ball n ° 8 (black).

Placement of billiard balls for the American game of 9

The game of 9 is played with 9 balls and consists of pocketing the smallest number on the table. The game is won once one of the players has pocketed the # 9 ball. The placement of the balls requires the use of a diamond-shaped frame suitable for the game. Next, arrange the balls to represent the ball. number of balls in each row (from top to bottom): 1-2-3-2-1.

Then place the rest of the balls randomly around the balls n ° 1 and 9.

A variant of the 9 game is to place the balls by number, from top to bottom and from left to right. Only ball # 9 should stay in the middle of the diamond.

Placement of billiard balls for the American game of the 10

The game of the 10 is played with 10 balls numbered from 1 to 10. The goal of the game is to pocket the balls in ascending order by finishing with 10. The winner is the one who has managed to pocket the ball No. 10. The balls are placed using a triangle-shaped frame, according to a specific scheme.

Ball # 1 is placed at the head of the triangle on the “replacement point”;

Ball # 10 is placed in the center (in the middle of the row of 3 balls);

The remaining beads are randomly placed.

Placement of billiard balls for the American game of 14/1 continuous

The game of the 14/1 continues differs greatly from the game of 8 and 9. The goal of the game is to pocket as many balls as possible each turn, regardless of their number. The balls are placed as such: balls # 1 and # 5 at the ends of the triangle and the ball head on the Replacement Point. The other balls can be placed freely. And when there is only one ball left on the table, the triangle is reformed with the 14 balls pocketed, without the last ball on the Replacement Point.

Placement of billiard balls for billiard Pool or English billiards

The English Pool, otherwise known as 8 Pool or BlackBall, is played with 16 balls: a white ball (or ball of shock), a group of 7 red balls, a group of 7 yellow balls and a black ball numbered 8. The goal of the game is to pocket his group of balls first, then to pocket the black to win the game.

The balls are arranged using a triangle in a precise pattern. Place the black ball in the center and arrange the yellow and red balls as follows:

(from left to right) red – yellow, yellow – red, red, yellow – yellow, black, yellow, red – red, red, yellow, red, yellow;

OR (always from left to right) yellow – red, red – yellow, yellow, red – red, black, red, yellow – yellow, yellow, red, yellow red.

More info on the billiard pool rules.

Placement of billiard balls for French billiard or carom billiard

French billiard or billiard carom is played with only 3 balls: a red ball and two white balls, one of which is marked with a dot. The goal of the game is to hit the two balls (the red and the opponent’s) with their own ball and make the longest possible run of points. Because as long as the player succeeds in the pileup, he continues. And when he misses the point, it is his opponent who plays again.

Flies are traced on the billiard and the billiard balls are placed there. Three flies are aligned on the top of the pool and one at the bottom.

The pointed white marble is arranged in the middle of the three aligned flies;

The white ball (that of the player who will start to play) will, in turn, be placed either on the left or on the right according to the will of the player who will start.