Body Building Dry: Losing Fat

The dry bodybuilding is something more complex than a simple diet. You need a good control of your diet, but also be careful to avoid the most common mistakes to not erase in a few weeks muscle gains that took you several months to acquire.

In this file that we wished to be as complete as possible (thanks to the articles presented on the bottom page), we will give you all the necessary information to succeed in your dry regime, because knowing how to dry is an essential question to start.

Dryer bodybuilding or diet?

At first, we will define what is a dry in the world of bodybuilding (because it is quite different from a classic slimming diet), and what are the main food principles to know to succeed your dry. Remember that a dry bodybuilding is not a simple diet: the goal is not only to lose weight, which is quite easy because you just eat less calories. The goal in bodybuilding is a little more precise and therefore more complex to achieve: lose fat without losing the hard-earned muscle during your bodybuilding workouts. This is an essential difference from the usual diets, which do not care about the “weight type” lost: as long as the scale moves in the right direction, people are satisfied. In bodybuilding,

Distribution of food in grams

And for that, it is necessary to distribute correctly the different macro-nutrients which are the proteins, the carbohydrates and the lipids, but without using a percentage, as it is often the case in nutrition, because they are not precise enough for our objective . Indeed a percentage distribution makes no sense, because the nutrient needs must be defined in grams in relation to your body weight, and not in percentage relative to your total caloric. Of these three macro-nutrients, the adjustment variable is the carbohydrate dose. It is they who will have to modulate to lose fat. In fact, losing fat does not mean eating less fat or eating less in volume, but mainly reducing carbohydrate intake (unless of course you had a totally messy diet before

We will also see that even if proteins play a vital role for a dry, it is out of the question to consume only that, something that unfortunately a large number of athletes. Indeed, they do not allow a good functioning of the body if we consume only this nutrient, the body needing many other foods, including fat! Eating only protein is the best way to degrade your health, but also to miss your hair.

To dry or not?

On the bodybuilding forum, we often see novice practitioners asking us what they should start with: by doing a dry or taking a mass. In fact, it depends mainly on your current fat level, but also on your starting muscle mass and your goal. So in fact, the only person who can decide whether you need to do a dry or a weight gain, it will be you. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to ask for opinions on the forum by posting your objective and a photo of you.

Products for the dryer:

The issue of products for the dryer is also very common. As we explain in the rest of this file, these products are only a help: you should not expect to lose fat simply by using fat burner and other fat burners. The diet is the basis of fat loss, and this type of product can simply add a little extra.

Specific training? And the cardio?

A very common mistake during a diet is to want to change his bodybuilding program (to do more than long series), but also want to add too much cardio training. We will see that these two solutions are to be avoided if you want to keep your muscles: cardio training can have a catabolic effect, and the long series are not enough, not intensive enough to push your body to keep your muscles.

So in most cases, keeping your current schedule and adding a small dose of cardio training is quite sufficient. Nevertheless, this remains to be confirmed according to your current program: for example we will not be able to keep a PTO program during a diet phase.

In addition, and contrary to popular belief, be aware that cardio is absolutely not mandatory. It’s not running that will make you lose weight, but improving your diet.

The diet of dry to lose weight:

Finally, you will discover examples of dry menu (an example for a normal dry and an example for a dry IF / Intermittent Fasting ).

If you are a beginner in nutrition, choose a ready-made menu, and try to follow it as best you can, so you’ll lose fat as fast as possible. Diet is clearly the most important element when you want to lose weight.

Finally, we also offer examples of different levels of dry (= fat / body fat) illustrated through several photos of bodybuilders, to help you locate and determine your fat.