Basic Rules For Clash Of Clan

Build your village. What is important is to protect and organize your village so that nobody can take your treasures and you lose your trophies.

Go to the “store” of the game, you will find the necessary items to protect your village in the “defense” section, for productivity it will be “resource”, army and decoration. Hit points always bring back experience, that’s what decorations are for.

Since you have limited resources at the beginning, put the walls you buy only around the most important buildings. It is important to protect your city hall and your gold and elixir reserves. Of course, if you can afford it, put walls around the whole village. If you can not, circle only strategic places with walls.

Think about how you’re going to spend your gold, your elixir and your gems, be careful

Use your gems to build essentials like defensive buildings and worker huts. It is tempting to spend everything right away, but do not do it because you will need your gems later in the game.

By spending your gems in the workers’ cabins, you can improve your defenses (especially the towers) faster.

Do not spend extra gold or elixir from the beginning because you do not need it.

Decide if you want to spend real money to get ahead in the game. With real money, you can buy more gems. It’s like using your money in real life.

There are other ways to get gems instead of spending money. Of course, if you do not want to spend your money, do not worry, you can get gems by removing trees and obstacles from the area around your base.

Protect your base

Build a solid base to protect yourself from attackers. It is very satisfying to see enemies fail while trying to attack you.Image intitulée Play Clash of Clans Step

Make sure your base is concentrated in one area and not too wide.

Place your key buildings in the best position. Place your reserve and town hall in the center of your base behind your defensive buildings and walls.

Put the workers’ huts in the corners. Thus, when enemies attack the center of your base, they will not have time to reach your huts.

When you have enough resources, upgrade your defenses to the next level. You will be able to acquire guns and mortars.

Use as many traps as you can. Traps cause a lot of damage to enemies attacking you. It is therefore always useful to improve them. A single shot can easily decimate small groups of enemy troops and seriously hurt larger types.

You can also think of other more advanced defenses like archers’ towers and anti-aircraft defenses. Protect your defensive buildings. Mortars do a lot of damage, but their blows are very slow. Place them in the center of your base because of their long reach. If you do not protect your air defenses, your base will fall into the hands of the Healers.